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My name is Daniela Tauchmann and I am a professional harpist, music teacher and certified therapeutic musician.

I began playing the harp when I was nine years old and noticed early on, that it did not only inspire my own dreams, but those who came into contact with my harp music as well.

Following my wish to share the joy of playing the harp I studied Music Education, Psychology and Education at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and received my Magister Artium degree, the German equivalent to the Master of Arts in 2008.

After gaining experience as a performer and teacher I wanted to share my music with those in need and went on to train with the International Harp Therapy Program in England, the Netherlands and San Diego, CA. After graduating in summer 2013 I am now a Certified Harp Therapy Practitioner (CHTP).

With Harp Dreams I like to bring all kinds of music making together: performing, teaching and playing in therapeutic settings.

I am also a Harp Circle Facilitator and have a set of six small rainbow colored harps, which I use for group lessons as well as for community music-making in schools and nursing homes.

Please have a look around to find out more about what I do and contact me here or at info@harp-dreams.com regarding availability, rates or any other questions you might have. I look forward to hear from you!

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